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Water™ Steam Table Software

Manually extracting and interpolating data from pressure-enthalpy charts, Mollier diagrams, or printed steam tables is slow and increases the risk of error. Water™ steam table software is highly accurate and fast, giving you more time to focus on higher value-added questions, such as "what if?"

Our popular Water™ steam table software is now available as an easy-to-use Microsoft Excel Add-In for use under Microsoft Windows or Macintosh operating systems.

Water™ software calculates the thermodynamic and physical properties of water as a function of temperature and pressure according to the IFC equation of state. Simply insert any of the following functions into any Microsoft Excel spreadsheet cell, cell formula, or function macro to calculate the following properties as a function of pressure and/or temperature:


Specific enthalpy

Specific entropy

Specific volume

Saturation pressure

Thermal conductivity

Dynamic viscosity

Static dielectric constant

Calculated steam and water properties are consistent with the 5th Edition ASME steam tables. Water™ units of measurement are SI, which can be easily converted in the spreadsheet cell to any units required. The above functions can be numerically differentiated or integrated to derive other important thermodynamic functions, such as Cp, Cv, fugacity and so on. You can also include these functions within your own function macros for your specific application.

Real-Time Analysis

Harness the power of Water™ functions in real-time. Water™ can be used for real-time analysis under the Windows environment via DDE (dynamic data exchange) with the host computer connected to a data acquisition system, or via a network to your plant PI system.

Range of Validity


British Units

SI Units


0 to 14,504 psia

0 to 1,000 bar


32.018 to 1,472 deg F

0.01 to 800 deg C

Water™ Purchasing Information

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Product Description

License Fee


Single-user license (perpetual)

US$ 149.00

All licenses are perpetual.

The software will be sent to you as an email attachment following confirmation of payment, so please be sure to provide an email address which will accept attachments when you place your order. Alternatively, a CD copy of the software can be supplied via 1st class mail for an additional US$25.

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