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SteamPlant™ Process & Performance Analysis Software

SteamPlant™ is now available as an easy-to-use Microsoft Excel Add-In for use under Windows or Macintosh operating systems.

SteamPlant™ process design software allows you to perform spreadsheet analysis of steam power plant equipment, entire steam power plants, and many other aqueous processes using the highly accurate IFC equation of state for water. No more errors caused by manually extracting and interpolating data from pressure-enthalpy charts, Mollier diagrams, or printed steam tables.

Don't let the name SteamPlant™ mislead you. This software can be used for analyzing or designing any process involving water. Simply insert a SteamPlant™ Add-In function into any Microsoft Excel spreadsheet cell, or embed them within any cell formula, and accurately calculate performance of steam power plant and many other aqueous processes, including:

• Steam turbines (condensing or backpressure, single or multistage, single or multiple extraction)
• Steam turbine auxiliary generators (STAG bottoming cycles)
• Cogeneration power plants
• Conventional subcritical boilers
• Supercritical boilers
• Heat recovery steam generators (HRSG’s)
• Superheaters & Reheaters
• Desuperheaters
• Open & closed feedwater heaters
• Steam jacketed vessels
• Steam heated process equipment
• Steam stripping columns
• Water cooled heat exchangers
• Water distillation equipment
• Water desalination equipment
• Air humidification equipment
• Evaporative coolers
• Dehydration equipment
• Air dryers and scrubbers
• Hot water heaters
• Steam piping and steam tracing systems
• Pumps
• Condensers
• Heat exchangers
• Hydraulic turbines
• Valves

Add-In Functions

  • Steam turbine
  • Boiler
  • Condenser
  • Closed heater
  • Adiabatic mixer
  • Pumps & hydraulic turbines
  • Saturation pressure
  • Specific enthalpy
  • Specific entropy
  • Specific volume
  • Dynamic viscosity
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Dielectric constant

Real-Time Process & Performance Monitoring

Harness the power of SteamPlant™ functions in real-time. SteamPlant™ can be used for real-time process & performance monitoring under the Windows environment via DDE (dynamic data exchange) with the host computer connected to a data acquisition system, or via a network to your plant PI system.

Process Optimization Capabilities

SteamPlant™ works within Microsoft Excel, powerful optimization routines such as "Goal Seek" and "Solver" work together seamlessly with SteamPlant™. Process optimization has never been easier.

Building Block Approach

It's your choice, but we recommend bundling each of the functions into cell arrays we call "Building blocks". Building blocks can be labeled and formatted in any manner you wish... it's a standard Excel spreadsheet. You can model complete steam power plants and combined cycle cogeneration power plants, including reheat and regeneration, by linking the inputs and outputs of these "building blocks" together in daisy-chain fashion. Once your building blocks are set up, they can be copied and pasted to any spreadsheet location, including other workbooks.

Screen Shot of Typical Building Blocks


The above screen shot illustrates what the building blocks for a steam turbine with single extraction might look like. The input cells are in the rightmost column of each block. They're arbitrarily formatted with blue text on white background. The output cells are also in the rightmost column of each block. They are formatted in black text on light yellow background. So long as the output cells are located in a contiguous 1 x 4 row or column array you have total control of how you want your building blocks to look. Naturally, text can be entered in any language and character set supported by Microsoft Excel.

Graphics & Unit ConversionTools

A handy table of commonly used conversion factors is included for your convenience. A library of graphical "building blocks" is provided to assist you in constructing attractive plant process schematics.

Sample Process Schematic

Range of Validity

British Units
SI Units
0 to 14,504 psia
0 to 1,000 bar
32.018 to 1,472 deg F
0.01 to 800 deg C

SteamPlant™ Purchasing Information

Product Code
Product Description
License Fee
SOFT-002D Single-user license (perpetual) US$ 445.00

All licenses are perpetual.

The software will be sent to you as an email attachment following confirmation of payment, so please be sure to provide an email address which will accept attachments when you place your order. Alternatively, a CD copy of the software can be supplied via 1st class mail for an additional US$25.

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